Known for his joyous gems and heartwarming smile, Amore Bey is a unique wave in the sea of life. His early musical influences warmed the shores of his ear canals. From instrumental jazz to afrobeats, Amore began to vibrate to the heat of his own mound. He credits his creative longevity and deeply rooted faith to Th Most Highs. His simple formula for living is authentic and inspirational. Trust, plan, and STAY TRU. This Moor American Artist from the south is reshaping the tides of minds and the ripples of our souls. Amore embraces the moral responsibility to create sunny and loving melodies to uplift fallen humanity. His intentions are pure and his message is clear for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. 9.13

– norah asanti bey™️

stay tru, endure till da end!