Th King Behind The Sound Hummingbird Out Now!!!!

That “Mama Sun Still Shining” has been on repeat you definitely got the gift.


Where are you from?


Haha I appreciate that. I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

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What got you into music & how long have you been producing?


My interest in music was sparked by my grandfather. As a child I spent a lot of time at his house and he was always listening to and playing classical music on the piano. Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Mozart, and much more. You name it, my grandfather had the tapes and the sheet music. Around age 4 he began to teach me how to play the piano and thus my journey as a musician began.

I have been producing for about 13-14 years now.

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You can literally play your soundcloud catalogue from top to bottom without a skip. Where does the inspiration come from? Any advice for the upcoming producers?


Inspiration comes from my experiences in life and how they make me feel. You can view my catalogue of music as a journal of feelings. Feelings that are present in the moment of creation which are captured in a musical context. If I’m feeling extra radiant one day I may make a beat like “Mama Sun Still Shinin”. If I am in a mellow mood I may make a track like “The Calm”. Or if I am looking to portray a message that I feel is important I may make a track like “Bee U Beautiful”. This is all dependent upon how I feel.


My advice to the upcoming producer is to simply create from your heart. Don’t worry about what other producers are doing or how their beats sound. Don’t worry about what sounds and samples this other guy uses. Focus on what you like… The sound that ignites that passionate fire within you when you hear it. And don’t get to worried about having the best equipment. Utilize what you have and get creative. That’s the key. I’ve made plenty of amazing beats with just a laptop and the QWERTY keyboard lol.


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How did the naga studio come about


As a producer a lot of my friends that were into writing songs often contacted me to make instrumentals for them. In high school my friends had a music group that consisted of 1 singer and 3 rap artists. I started off producing for them but I eventually picked up a pen and began to create lyrics of my own. As we progressed and began to invest more time in writing music, we had a constant need to be in a studio. To make a long story short, the recording studios around Cleveland loved to either take a long time to deliver one song or even cancel our studio sessions on the count of a more ‘popular’ artist wanting studio time. In fact, this happened so often that I decided to take matters in my own hands. I invested in a microphone and Protools spending countless hours learning the craft of mixing. The first official project I mixed & mastered was a R&B album that had its feature played on the major hip-hop and R&B radio station in Cleveland, Ohio. At the CD release party I had multiple artists reaching out saying that they liked the sound and asked if I offered mixing/mastering services. This was the birth of Naga Studio 13

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When is your favorite time to create/ How long did it take for you to put this “humming bird”  masterpiece together? the tracklist titles are amazing


I love to create any time before noon but my favorite time to create is around 10pm. When I’m really in my zone that session will go well into the early hours of the a.m. That melanin magik baby! haha

It took me about 3 months to finish Hummingbird. Once I had the concept in my mind I just created with the intention to convey that concept. From there the creative energy just flows.

Stream th king behind the beats Hummingbird masterpiece on his site & spiral up





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