King Self Upper Hand

Greetings, For those who might not know who is King Self?

I am King Self, a lyrical warrior.


Where are you from?

And How did that name come about?


I come from my mama lol but Altgeld Gardens of Chicago, IL

That’s the Southside.



I’ve had a few different names before I got to King Self. The name just came to me as I was thinking about defining myself and having a deep meaning. There’s many ways to look at King Self per individual perspectives and meanings. Still generally meaning the 1st thing you think of when you hear the name King Self.

The first record I heard was “Don’t lie to me” I instantly got hype & could definitely feel the ether When did you know that you wanted to become a artist?

I’ve always been an artist, but I’ve been writing songs since I was around the age of 13. I made the decision to pursue a career at that same time.

How long have you been recording music?

And where do your songs come from?

After all this time I’ve only just started recording music for a yr or 2 max.  My songs come from all over the place. How I’m feeling or felt, the things I see on this world, things I learn and my memories. When I sit an think about my people, My planet, and everything happening around me it fuels me up! I have such a vast array songs that I know I don’t make any 1 specific kind of song. I have love songs, sad slow, fast turn up workout songs, old school classic vibe, ect.. I love music so much I feel as an anomaly. Soon everyone will know for themselves as well. All my songs come from the heart. …

“Pandoras Box Intro” released over 10months ago And we have all been patiently waiting for this “Upper Hand” album What do you want for your listeners to take from this project?

The most important thing to take from all my songs is the lyrics, flow, and punchlines. Feel the passion, heat and ether vibing on the tracks. Everything is so intricate that I love when people truly know and research. It’s like if I built a pyramid of gold for years to hide treasure an power and gave it to the people. Of course I want people to appreciate my hard work to build a golden pyramid but the real thing is inside. All the real ones know this. I like to speak only in the language of facts, so there’s jewels everyone can get.

Outside of creating amazing music What’s something else that you are good at that we might not expect?

I am good at a whole lot like cooking, fixing, psychology, science and technology Ect.. I’m a computer tech. Anything technology is my thing.

Any shout outs or people you wanna acknowledge?

Yeah! Shout out my Mama, an my peoples! My cousin T.G aka The Guillotine! Together we form “2 Deep In The Game!” Shout out Too Slick, General Banks, Y.V, Dolo G, and all the people I didn’t name! Shout out to Big Unkh an TLC! Sending 13Love an appreciation to all my vibers, cuzos an supporters!! I also want to shout YOU out for doing this interview with me and the support. 13Love always! All praises to The Most Highs! Appreciate yah for taking the time to build with us much 13love and success to all your endeavors Thankh yah!

Upper Hand King Self
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