Moringa Flow “Lyrics”

Time to turn et up a knotch

Tao bey on th bass

& dem keys supa hot

Amore album coming soon

We coming with dat Fire

Soul jazz harmony

U know how we are

If et is not smooth

We cant bump

In da car

I just take

My time

And record

From my heart .

Reading thru the cepher

book of life life life

Da energy inside

Brings life life life


In sight

If u choose

To live right

Honesty & love

What i give when i write

Cuz i remember dem hard nights

when we aint have no lights

So im thankhful

4 da most highs

Cuz dey

Saved my life

Yah yah

Time 2 turn

Et up a knotch

We can all do better

Lets turn

Et up a knotch

Gotta go

Gotta go

Rise up

Oh yah





Da love

Dont stop

Bounce back

So resilient

Ets a art

Thru da pain

I grew a garden

In da Yard

Seeds planted

Gotta know who u are

Amore soil

Bloom bloom

Wih da love Ayy.

F*** tese haters

Man they ain’t even

Got faith

Lets carry this light

Wit us & light up

This dark place

Et want be eazy

But u know

We gone b3 ok


Southern naga naga

Amore album on da way

I put my soul in this

Share et if u feel this ayy

Tru moor



On moringa


Bout my bizness

Just stickn 2 da plan ayy


Amma plz guide

Us da right way

NO lookn back

Gotta build

For a better day

Da youth are

Da future

Pass down

Da Bread


Da youth are da future gotta pass down this bread 🍞 ayy

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