Life in 2020 is stressful but Amore Bey is finding reasons to celebrate. Flow of Life, the Texas rapper’s latest album, is a relaxing ode to health and wellness, and standout track “Rejoice” is no exception. Just surviving to September is enough reason to kick back with loved ones, Amore argues, breaking out the red snapper for the occasion. Producer Tao Bey matches the mood with sun-kissed synths and drums softly crashing like waves. Times may be tough but don’t be afraid to let Amore remind you of the things worth savoring.

Album Review

Amore Bey is going to have a busy next few years. The talented hip-hop musician has released a gorgeous and soulful album titled Flow Of Life, a project that genuinely flows freely and perfectly from track to track. The soulful and beautiful production is just so lush, and Amore Bey’s incredible flows, singing and lyricism throughout make for an engaging listen. Colourful tracks like “In Real Life” and “Essence” are examples of the smooth and incredibly textured compositions, and the introspective lyricism that sounds so relatable. It’s a project I can put on from start to finish and let it ride out – Amore Bey has this ability through his flow and cadence to captivate me with his vocals and lyricism and I’m glad I discovered his music this year. Go support!

Growing is an essential part of life, and that’s a message that Dallas-based singer and rapper Amore Bey conveys in every one of his songs. After facing deep losses, Bey is using the hard life lessons he’s learned to plant seeds of wisdom into his art, while planting literal seeds in his one-acre-and-growing property.

In addition to making music, Bey is also a gardener. A life-long love of gardening is what inspired Bey’s most recent EP, Seeds of Love, which was released earlier this year.

“The state of the world right now is pretty chaotic, so I wanted to use the music to plant seeds of love and harmony,” Bey says. “The music can be a getaway, like my garden is the place where I go to escape — it’s therapeutic to me.”

Amore Bey was born to put pen to pad. “Been making tunes since I was in mama’s womb,” he spits at the beginning of “Seeds of Love,” the title track of his latest project of the same name. The Texas-based artist’s relationship with the mic scans as therapeutic; his words flow through producer Tao Bey’s warm guitar-based loop like butter melting onto freshly cut biscuits. Amore spends the song counting the blessings of existence: “Don’t look outside yourself for nothing / It’s all inside, baby, when you feel that heart bumpin’.” Planting the seeds of love proves to be relative. In Amore’s eyes, the ability to sit by the water and reflect on your thoughts is the greatest gift of all. – Dylan Green from Dj Booth

Talented musician Amore Bey has released a brand new EP titled Seeds Of Love. The rapper and singer has released a soulful, mesmeric new project features some introspective raps about inner growth, manifesting his own definition of success in a potent, poetic way. The production on this 4-track EP is colourful, with synths and guitar leads that add texture and soul to the music. His sung vocals bring a lot of life and beauty to the project too, showing his range as a vocalist. The meditative energy on tracks like “Deeply Rooted” and “Seeds Of Love” are examples of what I’m talking about – they are smooth, soulful, beautifully arranged. The tribal and fast-paced energy on “Thru Da Fire” is great too, while “Almost Home x Amaru Almighty13” bring the project to a reflective end. I definitely recommend you check him out! – Martin Boev